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Thoughtful gestures from 2nd Chatham Brownies

The 2nd Chatham Brownies wanted to do something special at Christmas for the residents at Amherst Court care home, which is local to their headquarters in Chatham, Kent.

The Brownie group has previously had close contact with the home, prior to COVID, and wanted to maintain a strong link with the home.

The Group leader, Snowy Owl, contacted Avante to tell them that each Brownie had decorated a box, filled it with gifts and written a Christmas card to accompany it for the residents at Amherst Court.

The boxes were collected by Frances Lake, Customer Support Officer, ready to take to Amherst Court for Christmas.

Frances said,The boxes were filled with such thoughtful gifts inside and each Brownie had written a beautiful and kind message to the residents!

The boxes contained items such as soft snuggly socks, pens, pencils, playing cards, toiletries, biscuits, handkerchiefs, wine, puzzle books and sweets’.

Frances and staff at Amherst Court said the residents were so pleased with their gifts and Christmas cards from the Brownies. Everyone received something and it provided a lovely pre-Christmas surprise for everyone.

Amherst Court residents and staff would like to extend a huge thank you to 2nd Chatham Brownies; and are looking forward to seeing them all soon.


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