Bright Copper Kettles CIC

What we do


The mission of Bright Copper Kettles CIC is to improve the quality of life in care homes through carefully planned, meaningful activities – and create a positive care home experience for all.


We achieve this through our training and resources, which support continued ‘Activities of Daily Living’ wherever possible.


We support evidence-based practice and continuous improvement through a variety of interesting and fun activities, and encourage people to continue enjoying personal interests and hobbies. We’re also passionate about increasing dementia awareness and participating in training opportunities for all involved in the care of older people living with dementia.

We develop meaningful partnerships with the people we support, commissioners and stakeholders to identify creative ways to build self-esteem and positivity within the home. And support the commitment of owners and managers to provide suitable environments, which reflect the needs and lifestyle choices of those that live and work in them. 

Caroline J Benham
Bright Copper Kettles CIC

My passion for improving the opportunities for activity in later years and, in particular, for those with dementia has grown from my personal experiences caring for my grandmother.  I learned so much from my 'Nanny' both before and after her dementia diagnosis. And it is with grateful thanks to her that Bright Copper Kettles CIC continues to flourish and inspire others.

I enjoy having fun and continue