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Pool Party at Castleford

Thanks to Amelia Pace, Head Of Lifestyles at Castleford House for sharing this wonderful activity - perfect for the summer. Castleford House Nursing Home is owned by Milkwood Care Limited.

Today we held our very first ‘Pool Party’ to help us keep cool on one of the hottest days ever!

As temperatures soared to thirty-plus degrees, we set up a hot tub, swimming pool and sensory pool for everyone to enjoy and stay comfortable!

We’ve had ice lollies, a variety of cold drinks and even little glasses of wine spritzer to toast to a fantastic event whilst in the hot tub.

We danced, paddled and sang the afternoon away in the fantastic atmosphere that was created.

The comments from people about the afternoon were incredible, but two of our favourite quotes were from Monica who said: “this has been a jolly good afternoon, I love spending time with all of you,” and from Kath, who said: “Oh it’s lovely isn’t it, thank you very very much!”.

I'm sure you will agree that these photos say it all - click through the slideshow to see the smiles.

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