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My 6 top tips for the new Activity Coordinator

Caroline J Benham:Founder of Bright Copper Kettles CIC

Being an Activity Coordinator can be challenging, being in a new environment can mean extra challenges.

"What will they expect me to do?", "What activities are best?" "How do I get everyone involved?" are all common questions.

Here my 6 top tips for those new to the role and those who have moved to a new care home.

  1. Build Strong Relationships: Foster positive relationships with residents, colleagues, and external partners. External partners include friends and relatives of residents as well as entertainers, service providers and others in your local community such as librarian, coffee shop manager, etc. Effective communication and collaboration will enhance the success of all of your care home activities.

  2. Start where they are at: Consider and review any regular activities which already take place in the care home before you move their timeslots or replace them with other activities. Some residents and their guests may rely on these activities taking place. Gain feedback from participants and other residents to assertain how, when and where they take place as well as how popular they are, find out why these care home activities matter. Changing any activities which are already in place should be the last thing you consider when moving to a new care home.

  3. Know Your residents: Understand the preferences and needs of the individuals you're coordinating for. Tailor activities to their interests and abilities, ensuring engagement and enjoyment. Use my FACTs guide to help you plan and support your residents with purposeful, meaningful and fun care home activities.

  4. Plan and Organise: Develop a well-thought-out schedule for activities, considering logistics, timeframes, and available resources. Being organised contributes to smooth execution and a positive experience for residents and colleagues.

  5. Be Adaptable: Flexibility is key in this role. Be prepared to adjust plans based on unexpected circumstances or participant feedback. Adapting quickly to changing situations ensures successful outcomes. Have some ideas for simple care home activities ready in your back pocket, that don't require any preparation.

  6. Promote Inclusivity: Create an environment where everyone feels welcome and included. Consider diverse interests and abilities when planning activities to ensure a broad appeal and participation from all individuals. Share group activities with individuals who were not able to take part at the time, or who elected not to be involved with the group, in ways that appeal to them and encourage possible participation in the future.

I hope this post is useful to you if you are starting a new role as Activity Coordinator (or similar role). I'd love to hear from you if you have any further questions that I haven't covered here.

If you know a new Activity Coordinator or Wellbeing Manager please share this post with them.


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