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Get your FACTs right

Updated: May 14

When it comes to planning care home activities that are person-centred, purposeful, meaningful and fun, it is essential to know who you are planning the activities for.

I have a system to help you get to know your residents. It's called the FACTs system.





These are the keys to finding out more about each resident. Each can be used with the resident to build a bigger picture of who they are.

F - Helping new residents integrate into a care home involves creating a welcoming and supportive environment. Asking family and friends to contribute to this process is a great idea.

Remember to respect the resident's privacy and preferences, and ensure that any involvement from family and friends aligns with the resident's comfort levels and wishes.

This collaborative approach can enhance the overall experience for new residents in the care home.

A - Discovering the activities that care home residents have enjoyed in the past is crucial for providing personalised and meaningful care experiences.

Who provided the activity? Where did the activity take place? Building relationships and knowledge through existing groups, and past members of groups which may have since folded, will help you to recognise ways in which you can support your residents in the future. This personalised approach will contribute to a more enriching and fulfilling living experience.

C - The care plan is a valuable tool for providing person-centered care to residents in the care home. It outlines the individual's needs, preferences, and goals, allowing you to tailor activities that enhance wellbeing and quality of life.

Using the care plan as a guide for selecting and adapting person-centered activities will help you to create a tailored and supportive environment for each resident.

T - "This is Me" documents are another valuable tool that provide an insight into an individual's life history, preferences, and personality. The information in these documents can greatly enhance the planning of purposeful, meaningful, and fun activities for each resident.

Using "This is Me" documents as a foundation for activity planning contributes to a person-centered approach, fostering a sense of identity, dignity, and joy for care home residents. It enhances the overall quality of their experiences and supports their wellbeing.

As an activity coordinator, it is important that you are able to access each key and also have the time to spend with residents to build meaningful relationships and a full picture of who the person is.

Before you can plan person-centred activities you need to get your FACTs right.


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