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How 8 year old Heather changed history

On Monday, I shared with you the story of 8 year old Heather, it's an amazing story that has reached far and wide.

During lockdown Heather turned her focus to recycling, crafting pre-loved china cups and saucers into bird feeders and broken necklaces into Little Lockdown Angels.

She sells these to raise money for Alzheimer Scotland.

She has also gifted her Little Lockdown Angels to care staff, as well as gifting her beautiful birdfeeders to care homes.

Heather has shown true entrepreneurial spirit and creativity during a very difficult year, and her support for those living with dementia has given her and many others the motivation to continue growing from strength to strength.

On 12th January 2021 the family were delighted to be told that a "motion" had been passed in the Scottish Parliament applauding Heather’s hard work.

Rona Mackay, Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP), contacted them explaining that she wanted to spread some positive news in Parliament.

The motion, submitted by Rona Mackay and supported by 15 other members, "applauds the entrepreneurial spirit and fundraising activities of eight-year-old Heather Bryson, who is a pupil and junior house captain of Lenzie Meadow Primary School; recognises Heather’s input to Alzheimer Scotland’s plans for child-friendly training sessions; pays tribute to Heather’s mum, Deborah, in supporting and enabling Heather’s passion to have such an impact."

You can read the full report here.

I'm sure you will agree that under the current circumstances, throughout Scotland, for an 8 year old to get a mention in Parliament is a massive achievement.

Look out for Friday's blog for another incredible achievement for Heather and details of how you can support her next venture.

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