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Jed and Maggie's 'Mindful Music'

Music therapy in Care homes

to support those affected by forms of Dementia

Our project started in late 2015 when we went and sang Christmas carols at a local Care home where a friend of ours works. The residents really enjoyed it. We extended our repertoire and then did a similar session at a local care home where a family relative is a resident. This relative suffered with Dementia but we realised that music was a wonderful therapy to her and of course to other residents.

We now are closely involved at several different local care homes, day centres and sheltered accommodation and hope to take on more this year. We have invested in some sound equipment which has helped greatly with the quality of the music. We have been well received and realised that the residents look forward to us coming back.

We perform mainly songs from the 50s and 60s and it is wonderful to see residents joining in with the singing and joining in with percussion which we distribute during the session. Those affected by Dementia can often sing a song they remember from their teens word for word perfect.   As we have progressed through last year we feel that our effectiveness and performing ability has also progressed.  We have a repertoire of over a hundred songs to choose from. 


Some months ago we decided to take on the name of ‘Mindful Music’ as we felt that this particular name would best describe the impact of what we are providing.

We have asked each Care home to make a donation of at least £20 when we visit. We are now into our second year of Dementia fund raising.


Thank you so much for your continuing support.

We are based near Rochdale in Greater Manchester and are happy to travel reasonable driving distances to deliver music sessions.

Jed and Maggie Morgan  Landline: 01706 377453   Mobile: 07923041544

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