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Stars of social care awards

The Stars of Social Care Awards took place last weekend, showcasing some of the finest people working in care homes in the UK. I've picked out some of the Awards which caught my eye and share them here with you.

Congratulations to ALL of the Award winners, highly commended and finalists, you've all done fantastically well!




Chris Strong, Groveland Park Care Home

Chris joined Groveland Park as a care assistant in 2022 and became the Events Manager this year. He created diverse activities, including virtual reality boxing, which thrilled a former boxer resident. Chris overcame personal challenges to excel, organising engaging events and outings.

His dedication has transformed the home into a fun, stimulating environment.

Highly Commended:

Krishnapriya Unnikrishnan Puthenpurackal, Westcroft Nursing Home

Krishnapriya attention to detail and person-centered activities have greatly enhanced the well-being of residents. Her dedication and innovative approach have transformed activities and outcomes.


Winner: Orchard Care Homes

Orchard Care Homes deserves the Care Provider Award for their unwavering commitment to personalised, inclusive care. Through their Reconnect specialist dementia care communities, they offer personalised environments that promote independence and wellbeing. By embracing comprehensive training and development programs, they ensure staff deliver bespoke care plans, resulting in significant improvements in resident outcomes. Their collaborative culture and dedication to staff recognition further highlight their excellence in care provision.

Highly Commended: Seckford Care

Seckford Care’s strategy continues to focus on rewarding the team via salary and benefits to support the ethos that caring is a skilled and valued occupation. They have continuously invested to create homely, comfortable and dementia friendly spaces for residents and have reaped the rewards through retaining their Outstanding CQC rating combined with the feedback from residents which was 100% general satisfaction.


Winner: Debra Wadsoworth, Montgomery House – Northern Healthcare

Debra’s dedication to her role at Montgomery House since its inception in 2018 is commendable. Starting as a Support Worker, she quickly found her passion for activity-based support, influencing positive outcomes for residents. Debra’s kindness, determination, and enthusiasm brighten the lives of both colleagues and residents, making a significant difference every day.

Highly Commended: Maddison Campbell, Margaret House Residential and Dementia Care Home

Maddie’s vibrant personality brings the home to life. Staff and residents miss her on her days off. She connects uniquely with residents, always going the extra mile with thoughtful gestures and enthusiastic participation. Despite her dyslexia, Maddie’s dedication and positivity inspire everyone, making her truly special.


Winner: Mioara Ilie, Excelcare Holdings

Mioar has gone above and beyond in supporting the emotional, physical, psychological, and social wellbeing of those she cares for. Her passion and dedication are unparalleled, inspiring colleagues and managers alike.

Highly Commended: Olanrewaju Adegbite, Barchester

Olanrewaju thrives to help residents reach their potential through an exceptional care planning process and supporting them to achieve their daily activities. His commitment to the sector is demonstrated through his academic growth and he has recently enrolled on a second masters degree in dementia studies to sharpen his knowledge, which will only benefit his residents.


Winner: Emma Hodges, Avante Care & Support

With over 33 years in care, Emma excels in dementia care management. Recognised for maintaining CQC good ratings, Emma’s leadership emphasises innovative person-centered care, community engagement, and staff development, setting a standard of excellence.

Highly Commended: Jane Tuck, Royal British Legion – Galanos House

Jane’s innovative initiatives, such as establishing grief support groups for staff and developing personalised care experiences, demonstrate her commitment to enhancing the lives of residents and supporting staff well-being. Her dedication, compassion, and ability to recognise and address gaps in care make her an outstanding contribution to social care.

Well done to all of the finalists for THE AMAZING ACTIVITIES COORDINATOR AWARD

You are all Amazing!

Chris Strong - Groveland Park Care Home

Krishnapriya Unnikrishnan Puthenpurackal- Westcroft Nursing Home

Libberty Messenger - Aura Care Living

Newton House Activities Team - Newton House, Barchester Healthcare

Sharon Lewis - Hazelgrove Nursing Home

Naomi Daglish - Advinia

Parklands Care Homes - Parklands Care Homes

Sam Shepherd - Field Lodge, Care UK

Amanda - Steeton Court Nursing Home

Faye Tanner - Churchfields Care Home


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