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Come dine with us!

Earlier this month, Avante Care and Support homes, Northbourne Court and Weybourne, joined forces to create a special 'Come Dine with Me' dining experience for residents and staff. The event saw kitchen staff from both care homes crafting together a fabulous three-course menu for their guests.

The collaborative event was designed not only to provide an enjoyable dining experience but also to promote the wellbeing and health of the residents, many of whom live with dementia. Residents were encouraged to engage socially with other residents, which is crucial for cognitive and emotional health and wellbeing.

The kitchen staff from both homes carefully curated the menu to emphasise nutrition and taste, aiming to meet the dietary needs of all the residents. They worked fantastically together and served a display of beautiful dishes, including Ham Hock Terrine, Carrot Soup, Sea Bass, and a Mixed Berry Trifle.

This initiative underscores the importance of a good dining experience for residents in care homes and how it can support various interactions and engagements, all while enjoying tasty home-cooked food. A good, balanced diet is a major contributing factor to the well-being of residents and can support weight gain, reduce falls, and offer other health benefits for the elderly.

“The 'Come Dine with Me' event was a fantastic success,” said Lejla Mustafic, Home Manager at Weybourne.

Paula Igwe-Chinwo, Home Manager at Northbourne Court added “Seeing our residents interact with each other and enjoy a meal together was truly heartwarming. Events like these are crucial in providing nutrition, joy, and companionship, which are essential for their overall health."

Both managers felt the collaboration between Northbourne Court and Weybourne highlighted the commitment by care home staff to support all of their residents to live vibrant and fulfilling lives through innovative and enjoyable activities.


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