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How to involve family members

Involving families and friends in care home activities can enhance the sense of community and create meaningful connections.

Here's how you can do it:

  1. Open Communication:  Maintain open lines of communication with families. Share activity schedules, upcoming events, and ways they can participate.

  2. Family Meetings:  Host regular family meetings to discuss upcoming activities and gather input on what types of events their loved ones would enjoy.

  3. Volunteer Opportunities:  Invite family members and friends to volunteer during activities. They can assist with setup, participation, or even leading certain sessions.

  4. Guest Speakers:  Ask family members or friends with special skills or knowledge to give talks or presentations or to lead workshops or share their expertise in areas such as gardening, cooking, or crafting.

  5. Collaborative Events:  Plan events that involve both residents and their families, such as seasonal parties, picnics, or themed celebrations.

  6. Intergenerational Activities:  Organise activities that bring together residents and the younger family members, like arts and crafts sessions, reading groups, or music performances.

  7. Photography and Story Sharing:  Encourage families to share old photographs or stories related to the residents' lives. Display these in communal areas as conversation starters.

  8. Virtual Participation:  For families who can't be physically present, offer virtual participation options through video calls or livestreaming events.

  9. Celebration of Milestones:  Invite families to celebrate special occasions, birthdays, or anniversaries of their loved ones within the care home.

  10. Memory Sharing:  Create a memory board where families can post notes, pictures, or mementos that hold significance for the residents.

  11. Family Committees:  Establish committees that include family members to collaborate on planning and organising various activities.

  12. Feedback and Suggestions: Encourage families to provide feedback on activities and ask for their suggestions for future events.

  13. Parent-Child Activities: Arrange activities that resonate with both residents and their adult children, such as movie nights, music performances, or themed dinners.

  14. Celebration of Cultural Events: Embrace diversity by celebrating cultural holidays and events that are important to residents and their families.

  15. Regular Updates: Keep families informed about the impact of their involvement, sharing stories or photos that highlight the positive experiences their loved ones are having.

Consider how you can make your care home feel more welcoming to family and friends. It's also important to recognise and appreciate the contributions of family members and friends in creating a vibrant and engaging care home environment, let them know how valuable their imput is.

By involving families and friends in care home activities, you create a collaborative atmosphere that benefits the residents, fosters relationships, and makes the care home feel more like a warm and inclusive community.

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