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Here comes February

Welcoming February in a care home can be done with engaging and enjoyable activities.

Consider which special dates in the month are meaningful for your residents.

Don't forget obvious dates, such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Take into account the main dates like Valentines Day, Dignity in Action Day and Shrove Tuesday.

Consider joining the Silver Membership, where members receive a list of 100 special dates from historical, foodie, awareness and fun background (and that's just for February).

Engage residents in creating crafts and simple decorations to decorate common areas with winter and themed decorations which reflect on the special dates you and your residents choose to celebrate this month.

Choose music which helps to generate new conversations. There are many musicians who were born in February, play their music and celebrate their birthdays. Consider when music tracks were released, etc. Get residents talking about the music you are playing and discover more about them and their music tastes.

February is also a great month to really get started on your garden projects. There are lots of ways to get your residents involved. Leafing through gardening magazines, searching for personal favourites in seed catalogues, nursing potted bulbs, planting seeds and potting up planters and pots in the garden, raking areas for new planting schemes, as well as planning new themes.

Incorporating a good mix of activities in care homes can create a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere for residents, fostering social connections and providing opportunities for creativity and relaxation.

Each new month offers new ideas for activities and reasons to celebrate together, embrace February with open arms and celebrate right through to the 29th this year.


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