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Are you ready for May?

For Activity Coordinators in care homes, this month presents a wealth of opportunities to celebrate, connect, and create lasting memories with residents, their families and friends.

With the pleasant weather and longer days, May is the perfect time to plan outdoor activities. Consider organising picnics, gardening sessions, or nature walks to help residents soak up the sun and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. These activities can promote physical activity, stimulate the senses, and provide a refreshing change of scenery, as well as benefit your residents physical health.

Organise gentle exercise sessions inspired by popular sports, such as bowling, golf, or tennis adaptations.

Host sports trivia contests or screenings of classic sports films, catering to the interests of sports enthusiasts among your residents.

Plan creative workshops, art exhibitions, or live performances featuring talented residents or local artists. Encourage residents to explore their artistic side through painting, music, dance, or creative writing. These activities can stimulate cognitive abilities, provide a sense of accomplishment, and foster self-expression.

As the world around us comes alive with new growth, embrace the different flowers in your gardens and bring some inside for flower arranging sessions.

May presents an opportune moment to introduce mindfulness practices. Guide residents through simple meditation exercises, deep breathing techniques, or sensory exploration activities that encourage them to appreciate the present moment and find inner peace.

Remember, the key to successful activities is tailoring them to the interests, abilities, and preferences of your residents. Seek input from residents and their families, and be open to trying new ideas to keep your programming fresh and engaging.


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