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Spice Up Your Schedule: The Power of Creative Session Names

Are your weekly activity sessions starting to feel a bit stale?

It might be time to inject some fun into your calendar by giving those recurring events catchy, creative names.

Far from being just a frivolous exercise, thoughtfully naming your sessions - and involving your residents in the process - can have surprising benefits.

Interesting session names can work wonders for your activities.

Spark curiosity and increase attendance: An intriguing name like "Mystery Melody Monday" for a music appreciation session or "Taste Bud Adventures" for a cooking class can pique interest and draw in residents who might otherwise overlook a more generic listing.

Make activities more memorable: When residents associate a unique name with an activity, it's easier for them to remember and look forward to it. "Brain Teaser Tuesdays" is more likely to stick in someone's mind than just "Weekly Trivia."

Foster a sense of identity and tradition: Over time, creatively named sessions can become beloved fixtures in your community. Residents might find themselves eagerly anticipating "Bend it like Grandma" or "We Sing Wednesdays."

But the benefits don't stop there. By getting residents involved in the naming process, you unlock even more advantages.

When residents help choose names, they feel more invested in the activities. They're not just participants; they're co-creators of the community experience.

Your residents likely have a wealth of clever ideas and wit. Building on these strengths and giving them a chance to flex those mental muscles can be empowering and fun.

The names residents suggest can provide valuable clues about the types of activities they enjoy or the atmosphere they prefer, helping you fine-tune your programming. They may use wordplay linked to TV programmes or songs, that have never been included in your activity planning previously. Make notes and consider how you can implement these in future.

The best way to start with renaming your activities is with a Brainstorming Session

Organise a group brainstorming session with your activities team, interested residents and regular visitors. This can be a fun event in itself! Encourage wild ideas and wordplay.

Remember, sometimes the silliest suggestions can lead to the most memorable names.

Theme-based names can create cohesion in your calendar. For instance, you might use music-related terms for all your exercise classes: "Rhythm & Stretch," "Tempo Tai Chi," or "Harmony Yoga."

Alliteration is another powerful tool: "Mindful Mondays" or "Watercolor Wednesdays" roll off the tongue and stick in the mind.

The best names will resonate with your specific community. If you're located near the ocean, marine-themed names might be a hit. If your residents love wordplay, pun-based names could be perfect. Or perhaps some ideas around the name of your care home, the street or town name and/or local attractions.

Once you have a list of potential names, let the entire community vote on their favourites. This can build anticipation for the newly named activities and ensure the chosen names have broad appeal.

After implementing the new names, pay attention to resident reactions. Are certain names getting more positive responses? Are some causing confusion? Be open to tweaking and refining as you go.

Even though some names might become beloved traditions, don't be afraid to shake things up periodically. You could have seasonal name changes or an annual "rename your favourite activity" contest.

While creative naming can be highly beneficial, you might encounter some hurdles.

Some residents might prefer the familiar and be resistant to change. Address this by explaining the benefits and perhaps keeping some activities with their original names.

Ensure that despite the creative names, the nature of the activity is still clear. You might need to include brief descriptions in your calendar.

Be mindful that your chosen names are appropriate and welcoming to all residents. Avoid inside jokes or references that might make some feel left out.

This simple yet effective strategy can breathe new life into your activity calendar, turning routine events into eagerly anticipated gatherings. As you implement this approach, remember to stay flexible, keep communication open, and most importantly, have fun with it. After all, the goal is to create a more vibrant, engaged, and connected community where everyone feels a part of something special.


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