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5 budget-friendly activities for care homes that can engage and entertain residents:

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Planning activities can be fun

It's essential that care homes provide opportunities for a wide variety of activities. For those of you on a low budget or no budget. Here are 5 care home activities which won't cost the earth.

Gardening Club

Set up a small garden space where residents can plant flowers, herbs, or vegetables. Use raised beds and pots to support more residents to join in.

If outdoor space is limited, indoor plants or window boxes can be used.

Benefits: Promotes physical activity, provides a sense of accomplishment, and can be very therapeutic.

Board Games and Puzzles

Set up an area with a variety of board games, card games, and puzzles that residents can play together.

These can be rotated to keep things fresh.

Benefits: Stimulates cognitive function, encourages social interaction, and provides a fun and competitive atmosphere.

Movie Nights Host weekly movie nights with a selection of classic films, musicals, or recent releases.

Use a projector or a large TV, and provide suitable snacks.

Benefits: Offers entertainment, helps in reminiscing for older films, and provides a communal activity for socialising.

Music Sessions and Sing-Alongs

Organise music sessions or sing-along events where residents can enjoy and participate in singing their favourite songs.

Use a playlist of popular tunes or have live music if possible.

Benefits: Music can be therapeutic, evoke memories, and improve mood. Singing together creates a sense of community.

And the one that so often gets overlooked...

Planning Sessions

Planning for any activities for care homes should be done together with those who live in the home.

Encourage residents and staff members to really get involved. Consider the strengths of each (use these sessions to discover more about each participant) and delegate tasks to make the most of those strengths.

Benefits: Getting people involved in the planning stages fosters a sense of ownership, often resulting in better engagement in the activity itself. Provides opportunities to shine, increases confidence and a sense of community.

By focusing on budget-friendly activities for care homes, you can provide enriching and enjoyable experiences for

residents without compromising on financial stability or the quality of care. Thus, you can keep your budget available for professional help to come in with live music, pet visits, arts and crafts sessions, etc.


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