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The Activity Coordinator's Planner for Autumn is ready for download from September page and the September Birthday page is accessible to help you start your September activities planning.

Remember you don't have to plan to do everything, just pick one or two (or however many you and your team can honestly manage).

Ask questions in the comments on this blog - your questions help to lead my content.

The month of September includes;

Commit to knit - activities page

BBC Proms - activities page

Well Dressing - activities page

The first week of September includes;

  1. World Letter Writing Day - activities page

  2. Film Score Friday - activities page

  3. Scarecrow Saturday - activities page

  4. William Lyons born this day - activities page

  5. International Day of Charity - link

  6. Read A Book Day - activities page

  7. World Salami Day

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