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Red Lippy Day 2023

5th May 2023 is Red Lippy Day

Thanks to your generous donations RED LIPPY DAY 2022 helped to fund musical fun in over 2600 care homes.

So many care homes in the UK are enjoying singing along to their free copy of Golden Memories Karaoke DVDs, and others have been supported to include music linked activities through my free download available on my website.

Personhood is really important to the Red Lippy Day campaign. Remembering the person who is.

Disregarding age, gender, dementia, disability, faith or anything else which might be used to label the person as different,or difficult, to include in care home activities.

Inclusivity and 'See Me' are the key messaging of Red Lippy Day.

Lipstick is symbolic, some ladies don't feel dressed without it, some gentlemen enjoy wearing it too, for many who have been involved in theatre, dance, television, etc., it represents their past career and helps them to step back into that role.

This year Red Lippy Day will support a multitude of care home activities which are inclusive, meaningful, purposeful and fun.

There will be an element of Royalty in our celebrations in recognition of King Charles III coronation the following day.

Share how you will be celebrating Red Lippy Day this year and how you will raise funds to support our work for 2023/2024

The simplest way to support Red Lippy Day is to take a selfie wearing red lipstick and share it with us.

Don't forget to make a donation too:

Please put the date in your diary! - 5th May 2023

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