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Red Lippy Day

In support of all of the glamorous ladies and gentlemen who

live with dementia.

In memory of those who left lipstick kisses on our cheeks.

_Red Lippy Day lips.png

The simplest way to support Red Lippy Day is to take a selfie wearing red lipstick and share it with us.

Don't forget to make a donation too.

You are also welcome to make a donation in memory of a loved one and share a photograph of them if you wish.

Make a donation in honour of someone living with dementia

Make a donation in remembrance of a loved one


Your generous donation will help me provide resources for activities for people living with Dementia in Care Homes in the UK.


Thanks to your generous donations RED LIPPY DAY 2022 helped to fund musical fun to over 2600 care homes.

Fabulous designs for 2022

Kimberly Rainford Art.png

Once again Kimberly has designed some wonderful wall art for you to purchase to support the cause.

Go to Kimberly Rainford Art on Etsy to purchase yours - £6

Look out for Red Lippy designed greetings cards too.

Highlights from Red Lippy Day 2021

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