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Intergenerational letter writing project

Summerdyne Nursing Home and St Anne's Primary School in Bewdley have teamed up to create a special intergenerational letter writing project.

The project idea came from Lifestyle and Wellbeing Lead, Michael Butler at Summerdyne Nursing Home who was keen to establish a connection between the residents and the children at St Anne's.

Michael said "Having developed this special link between ourselves and the youngsters at the school really enables our residents to share their stories and words of wisdom with the children and allows the children not only to share their stories but ask questions about what life was like when our residents were children too."

The project has already shown an increase in the level of Wellbeing of the residents at the home and has brought laughter and a smile to their faces too.

Miss Annie Stamps, one of the teachers involved in the project, said "The children in Year Five were so excited to find out about the Pen Pal programme with the residents from Summerdyne Nursing Home. Each child was given their own Pen Pal, and they spent focussed time to articulate their ideas and write their letters. They shared their letters with others in the class and drew some pictures too! The children are looking forward to receiving their reply, from residents in our local community".

Residents have written about their recent celebrations as part of the Queens Platinum Jubilee. One resident who is 102 shared her memories of seeing King George V in Birmingham in an open top car whilst she was on her lunch break from work when she was a teenager, another shared his love of classic cars with his favourite being a Morgan Car and another shared stories of her favourite seaside holidays.

Such a wonderful project and a great way to connect the two generations by encouraging the art of letter writing.

Paula Lees, Manager at Summerdyne Nursing Home said "This is a fantastic opportunity for our residents to connect with the children of St Anne's Primary, they have really enjoyed writing and receiving letters and drawings and cannot wait for further correspondence. It really helps our residents to reminisce and recall those important memories".


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