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National Picnic Month

It's wonderful to see your stories popping up on social media about how you and your residents are enjoying National Picnic Month.

The weather (generally) has been perfect for picnics and it's so lovely that you've been able to make the most of it.

Don't get hung up on making it a huge event, simply enjoying your afternoon tea outside will go a long way to encourage your residents to reminisce about the picnics they've enjoyed in the past.

Salthouse Haven Care Home residents have been supported to enjoy their picnic, getting involved in the preparation right through to enjoying a lovely 'day out in their caravan' - I know right? What a wonderful resource to have. But, the key thing here is that they made good use of it.

Last Saturday was International Picnic Day so Lead Activities Coordinator, Sarah Pattrick organised for Salthouse Haven residents to make their own sandwiches and pack their own picnic basket before heading out for an amazing day at their caravan.

Share your stories with us too - email:


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