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Hey, Let's meet up for a Mocktail!

Elizabeth Court Rest Home have teamed up with another care home locally, over zoom, to have mocktails together!

Our activity coordinator Lindsay Mountain has been networking with other activity coordinators across a range of homes in our area to share ideas and support each other in providing meaningful engagements and creative activities throughout the pandemic, and this is just one of the latest get togethers.

Mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails, okay… so there was a dash of gin here and a splash of rosé wine there…) were made as a group activity, mixing drinks and flourishing them with garnishes, while meeting over zoom with another care home.

This gave our staff and residents a chance to mix socially as well as mix their drinks!

The mocktail morning was not only a fun, physical activity that involved socialising with others but also provided a sensory experience for those less able, too.

They laughed and talked about their recipes together, not everyone likes a cocktail but the flavours and tastes can trigger a whole range of responses, from Yuk! To Yum!

It was rewarding for those involved to spend some time together and experience new tastes, as well as some familiar ones evoking memories of parties from their pasts.

- A good opportunity to remember the good times!

Margaret; with a splash of rosé in her cocktail, said “Oooh, I’ll be doing the Can-Can in a minute!” before sipping it down merrily.

Brenda; who was celebrating her birthday, preferred a classic Orange Blossom Cocktail (or Gin and orange juice) before lunch!

Much laughter was had and new connections were made between two care homes in Bexhill over a drink or two.

Reece Welch, Care Home Manager

As the Registered Manager of Elizabeth Court Rest Home in Bexhill-on-sea, I am passionate about meaningful engagements and enriching the lives of our residents.

I have worked in care all of my adult life and am passionate about the social care sector, especially dementia care. I took on a Part Time Master’s Degree in Dementia Studies at Brighton and Sussex Medical school to further my understanding and hone my expertise in the field. I have worked hard in changing the culture of care and delivering person-centred practice as the norm, creating an ethos that respects and values the lives of those in our care. My passion lies in understanding the value of activities and creativity in everyday life, and the positive impact this has on the wellbeing of those living in care homes.

Since the pandemic I have worked hard to highlight the excellent work being done in amongst all the fear and negativity in the media #RightHereRightNow #BeHeard and hope we can continue to do so with stories like this. – Reece Welch


This blog is a contribution towards my 100 positive care home stories for my Captain Tom 100 challenge.

Please click here if you would like to contribute your care home story too.

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