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Hello July!

Yes, it's July, and it's time to make the most of the British summer.

Here are three tips to engage your residents and brighten their days:

Embrace Outdoor Activities

Weather permitting, take advantage of any outdoor spaces. Organise gentle gardening sessions, allowing residents to plant colourful summer flowers or tend to herb gardens.

Set up comfortable seating areas for outdoor tea parties or reading groups. Did you know that residents are likely to spend 20% more time outside when seating is provided?

It is important to provide plenty of shade, sunscreen, and hydration too.

Celebrate British Summer Events

July brings several quintessentially British events. Consider hosting a Wimbledon-themed afternoon with strawberries and cream, lawn games (adapted as needed), and perhaps screening some classic matches. Plan activities around the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival, like flower arranging or discussions about favourite gardens. According to research carried out in 2013 by Step-Change Design Limited, residents spend 50% more time outside when they are involved in an activity.

Create a Summer Holiday Atmosphere

Many residents may have fond memories of summer holidays. Transform areas of your care home into 'holiday destinations'. Set up a mock beach area with sand, shells, and seaside sounds. Organise a 'staycation' week with activities themed around different UK regions.

Look at providing themed armchair travel days based on international destinations. These can include appropriate music, foods, and gentle exercises or crafts related to each location.

Adapt all activities to suit your residents' abilities and preferences. And, of course, be prepared to stay flexible with indoor alternatives in case of typical British summer showers!


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