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Heather's latest venture

This week I have been sharing the incredible story of eight-year-old Heather and her Lockdown Ventures.

Heather's new project is chair exercise videos. She hopes to be a mini Joe Wicks, catering for the older generation. Plans are to share the videos with care homes/day cares/individuals which will encourage people to participate in gentle exercise and rehydrate.

She has several videos on her You Tube channel already.

The sessions were specifically developed by NHS Physiotherapists for people living with Dementia, however she would like to highlight they are suitable for anyone.

Heather has completed live zoom sessions for care homes in England and currently arranging others in USA, Canada, Australia.

Her Granny recently passed away in the local care home without us getting the chance to see her for months or to say goodbye. She's doing this to "make Granny proud" and hopes the videos can be shared far and wide.

Heather and her very supportive parents are aiming to pay their respects to Captain Tom (100 challenge) and Her Majesty The Queen by arranging a live zoom exercise session that 100 care/nursing/residential/ homes, day cares or any other care providers can hopefully take part in.

It would be an amazing opportunity to link care locations in an inter-generational project which will hopefully promote the benefits of gentle exercise.

Captain Tom's 100 Challenge is set for 30/4/21-3/5/21 however, this would be difficult to arrange at such short notice, so Heather's goal is for Friday 11 June 2021 which is Queen Elizabeth's official birthday weekend.

At the moment this seems an immense task, to ensure 100 locations are willing to take part would be a dream.

There is no expectation for people to donate to a specific charity. Instead, everyone is invited to use this event to raise funds for there choosen charity, CIC or cause - or simply to take part for the fun and smiles.

Heather would like to reach out to anyone who would benefit from the exercise videos or participating in a live session. This is free of charge as she wants to volunteer her time to making a difference to people's lives.

It's proven fact that intergenerational work benefits the younger and older members of our communities and this is something that Heather and her parents wish to promote in a positive way.

Share this short exercise session (9 mins) with your care home residents - click here


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