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#Fun with Twitter - part 2

Here’s part 2 of our #Fun with Twitter article.

Hopefully you will now have your own Twitter profile, and you are following us on Twitter @BCKuk and @ActivitiesChat.

If you would like us to #retweet your posts add our #BCKFavouriteThings. You can also use #BCKFavouriteThings in the search bar to find some of the posts that have caught our eye, you will find some really great activity ideas amongst our #retweets.

If you are following your local newshounds you should include their Twitter handle in your posts too.

Twitter is great for Reminiscence Projects, all those wonderful photographs available for you to share at no extra cost. Remember to connect your laptop to a larger screen so that everyone can see the photographs at the same time. You can also use these resources for one-to-one sessions where appropriate too.

Here are some super posts that we discovered this morning which create the back drop for a reminiscence session with your group: - More posters from London Underground's forgotten designers

A look at some of artists who have produced posters for the underground, it includes several examples and may spark conversations about children’s books, travelling on the Underground and the artists themselves.

Thank you to Mar Dixon 🍰 @MarDixon for sharing this. - Zippos Circus

A short film showing a variety of acts in Zippos Circus, can be enjoyed as an introduction to some circus fun, such as juggling, plate spinning, etc. A great starter to share memories of the circus coming to or through their hometown or village. Did they go to watch the circus in the Bit Top? Or did they just go to the field/park to watch them setting up? What animals did they get to see? Did they like the clowns? Anybody take up gymnastics because they wanted to be a trapeze artiste?

Thank you to Cup of Toast‏ @cupoftoastblog for tweeting this.

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