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#FruityFridays is a great way to get your team involved in activities. Speak to your chef/kitchen staff and ask them about seasonal fruit. Chat to them about ideas that they might have to use seasonal fruit in their main menus as well as providing healthy snacks during the day. #FruityFridays can then be used as a fun activity for residents and staff try the more unusual fruits or particular uses that make for a great reminiscence session.

We've lots of ideas for different treats on our #FruityFridays page for you to try. At this time of year, popular favourites are preserves , pickles and jams. Serve jams with rice pudding, pickles with cheese and biscuits or share the raw ingredients of something your chef will be serving at the next meal time.

Try gathering some recipes together and collating them to make a small booklet, you can then raise funds through the sales of the booklets for your activities.

Do you know your fruits from your vegetables? This can also make for an interesting discussion, tomatoes, cucumbers and courgettes are all fruits, for example.

Try adding art to your #FruityFridays, fruit can make very interesting compositions for still life drawing and painting.

Ask your customers (residents and visitors) what they remember eating fresh from the garden at this time of year. You might be surprised at some of their favourite memories - sticks of raw rhubarb and a bag of sugar for example. Not great for your teeth perhaps, but as a treat on one #FruityFriday of the year, I don't think much harm will be done! Take care not to over indulge though - tummy-ache following this treat will also be remembered by those that ate too much! ( Myself included here)

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