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Celebrating Tequila Day

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Last month residents of Sydmar Lodge Care Home celebrated Tequila Day 2021 with the classic shot Salt + Tequila + Lime.

Thanks to the team at Sydmar Lodge residents were able to experience something new, perhaps not altogether pleasant, but good fun all the same.

Activity Coordinator Robert Speker said "When people think about care homes they often imagine residents sitting (or sleeping) in front of the television watching This Morning, Tipping Point or The Chase.

Care homes don't - and shouldn't - have to be like this. Activities should challenge (not just the residents but also the stereotype of getting old), engage, stimulate, provide opportunities to try something new, create excitement and laughter, and above all improve the quality of life."

For the fifth year running, residents at Sydmar Lodge Care Home celebrated #TequilaDay with the classic shot/slammer


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