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Book of the Month - May 2022

Slipping Away: One man's battle with Alzheimer's by Lynnette Lee

This book is a must read for any family member who is faced with the reality of a Dementia diagnosis for their loved one.

I have to admit that this arrived through the letterbox in time for me to start reading at lunchtime and I couldn't put it down.

Reading Lynnette's personal experience of supporting her dad during the changes to their lives caused by Alzheimer's brought back many memories of my Nanny who shared many similar experiences.

I love the way Lynnette explains her own feelings and those of her siblings during this time, including the realisation that extra help was needed as George loses the ability to care for himself.

There are some wonderful reflections which will help anyone looking at supporting a loved one moving into a care home. And some great tips for general dementia care and conversations.

Slipping Away is a wonderful book for carers to read. You will pick up tips on how to support families as well as what to look out for when caring for someone with dementia.

Lynnette has also shared some useful practical information that she learned along the way (sometimes too late) at the back of the book, so this is a book to go back to for reference.

This is a beautifully, touching book, written from the heart - thank you so much for sharing your story so honestly Lynnette.

Grab yourself a cuppa and expect to get completely absorbed in the story of George and his family. And don't forget the tissues.

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