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All change!

Never be afraid of change, they tell us. Well sometimes it can be a bit scary, I'm making changes to the way I work and as part of that change, I am making changes to the website.

You'll notice some changes as you use the website, such as the header and the menu links. I'm working on these changes with the website open to keep disruption to a minimum, so please don't be alarmed if the page you are looking at appears to disappear. Go back to the link you came from and try again.

I'm making the website page names (URLs) simpler to remember, so you can go back to them whenever you want to. You may also find that some areas are under construction - June for instance. We're working on it and it will be published as soon as possible.

I've improved access to the website regarding our use of cookies alert - that is to say my daughter has done it for me (she's the whizz-kid at who designed our logo and has helped enormously with the website. ) - should that have included a #proudmum alert?

I had a great chat about my business plans yesterday with Simon Goodchild of 'Traffic and Sales', I met him online following our success with UK Blog Awards, which we hope to be entered for again this year. During our chat Simon took a look at the website and pointed out a few areas that I had previously ear-marked for improvement and some things that I had thought I had got right. It is helpful to gain the views of others and to take the time to reflect on the choices we make for the website.

We know there are more improvements needed to make life easier, but we have to work within the time allowance we have.

This puts me in mind of how it is for Activity Coordinators. Sometimes there are things that you might do regularly, perhaps the way you design your Newsletter, that you know needs improvement, but it works for now and you don't really have time to change it. Perhaps, the timing of a regular event, or the fact that staff have been allowed to walk through an activity without engaging as they do so. You know it's not quite right but TIME...

The problem is that the longer you leave things as they are, the more things become a problem, and when the day comes, as we all know it must, and you welcome a new manager or the CQC, all of these 'small' issues will suddenly overwhelm you. They may well only spot the things you know you haven't got quite right, but they may also critisise areas that you were feeling confident with. My suggestion to you is, cancel an activity next week (if you need to) and make the time to improve those things that have been bugging you for the last few weeks.

Get them right and then you can your customers and team members if there is anything they feel isn't quit working for them. - Take baby steps, it won't happen overnight.

I guarantee that you will feel so much better when you have done it, and so will your team and customers!


Thank you to for all the technical help and advice received.

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