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Consider yourself at home!

As an Activity Coordinator you make a huge difference to the lives of the residents in your care home, it's your role that can actually make them feel "at home".

Knowing your residents, and planning a range of purposeful, meaningful and fun activities with them, helps to support their wellbeing.

This is demonstrated beautifully in this guest post from Avante Care & Support;

The team at Avante Care & Support is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of those under their care. Through their experience, commitment, and skills, they strive to create vibrant and fulfilling communities at Avante.

Recently, Michael, a resident at Northbourne Court, expressed his heartfelt appreciation for the care and support he has received. Michael's journey at Northbourne Court began over 18 months ago, following a challenging period of health issues that left him frail and reliant on a wheelchair. 

In his own words, Michael shared, "‘When I came to the care home, I was a 7 stone man unable to walk without the aid of a Zimmer frame. Due to the brilliant care from all the staff members and the brilliant range of quality food, I am now a 12 stone, sixty-something, fully fit man. Activity members would knock on my door, wait for me to waddle up to the Piazza, get me seated and when the music started, they would get me up to dance, Zimmer and all to start with! A brilliant 90-minute of daily entertainment. It made me realise that these people were not just carers. They really cared’

Michael highlighted the proactive approach of the staff, who not only provided care but also encouraged him to participate in daily activities, including dance sessions that gradually helped him regain strength and mobility.

Today, Michael can be seen walking independently around Northbourne Court, actively engaging in various activities and playing his much loved hobby of Pool, inspiring others to take part. 


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