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"A drinks too wet without one!"

Are you running out of ideas for Hot Tea Month?

As we are fast approaching the end of January, some Activities Coordinators appear to have ground to halt on ideas for linked activities for this most important celebration of the month.

Hot Tea Month is perfect for bringing the focus back to keeping hydrated in the care home - for residents and employees.

Spend time together enjoying a cuppa. - And don't forget the biscuits!

Here are a few biscuit related activities to be enjoyed this week with your Hot Tea.

  • How many types of biscuit can your care home family name?

    • Try placing a large piece of paper (min A3) in a prominent place. As people walk past they can add another type of biscuit, if they can think of one. Leave it in place for up to a week.

How many biscuit advertisements can your group recall?

  • Try a biscuit tasting session to determine your home family's all time favourite and perhaps a few runners up.

    • You might even like to create a poster showing your collective Top Ten.

  • For additional fun, you could try a biscuit dunking session

    • which biscuit is the best to dunk in your tea?

    • you will need to provide a fresh cuppa to drink following this activity as many will be thick with biscuits.

There is a practical element to this test - a biscuit which doesn't 'fold' too quickly might be helpful for a habitual biscuit dunker who's reactions are a little too slow for the habit.

It's also a good way to take note of how quickly each person can react when they try to save the biscuit.

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