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What a year 2016 has been

A lot has happened since I was a finalist at the UK Blog Awards 2016. I have been joined by many more bloggers who have written some fantastic blogs that I have been able to share on This puts us all in a great situation with the blog being truly collaborative and we are all, I hope, looking forward with fingers crossed to the announcement of finalists for UK Blog Awards 2017.

The Bright Copper Kettles blog serves to inspire and inform any involved in the care of older people, including those with dementia. Every article published in our blog helps to spread the word about all the wonderful work that is being done to improve the lives of older people and those with dementia who need a little more support to feel included in their community. We want people to recognise the support that is available in older age rather than fear the future. That's why we concentrate on the positives. I truly believe that we can help to improve those areas for concern by showing how things could and should be done.

We would really appreciate your vote to help give us the platform we need to get our messages out to the people who need them.

Please vote for us by clicking HERE.

Bright Copper Kettles has also been registered as a Limited company. Membership Packs have been launched for Activity Coordinators and others responsible for activities in social care settings.

The latest achievement is the new app BCK Activities, available for android. This makes exploring the website on mobile devices much easier.

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