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Planning and Hosting Personalised Birthday Celebrations

As an Activity Coordinator, one of the highlights is helping residents celebrate their birthdays in a special way. While throwing a basic party is easy enough, the most meaningful birthday celebrations are the ones tailored to honouring the unique individual. With just a little digging and creativity, you can plan personalised birthday festivities that will delight and make residents feel truly cherished on their big day.

Here are some tips for crafting customised celebrations:

Start with their life story.

Remind yourself of their personal background details, using your About Me documents.

If the resident is fairly new, talk to the birthday resident, their family, friends, or caregiving staff to learn about their background, careers, hobbies, travels, traditions, favorite foods, songs, and more. The more details you can gather, the more special touches you can incorporate. (Make sure you add these details to their About Me documents for future reference.)

For decorations, hang a photo, or display of photos from their life, display any awards or accolades, use their favourite colours, or use colours and/or symbols representing hobbies or heritage, and bring in personal mementos that evoke happy memories.

If it's a 'big' birthday, check that they are happy to have that known before arranging for banners to tell the world and his wife.

Creating an ambiance connected to their history makes it more meaningful.

Serve up their favourite meals and treats. This might be a traditional roast dinner or a big ice cream sundae bar with their go-to toppings.

And don't forget to check what their favourite drinks are. Beverages like an old-fashioned milkshake for a cute throwback, wine varieties from places they've visited or simply their favourite fizzy drink.

Plan activities tailored to their interests and cognitive/physical abilities. A sports fan may enjoy trivia or vintage newsreel clips. An artist could have drawing materials set up to create during the party. A green thumb might appreciate planting seed starters.

Curate the music playlist with tunes from their youth, nationality, or any genres/artists they love. You can even hire live entertainment that aligns with their tastes like a choir, jazz ensemble, or folk duo.

These are just some ideas to get you started - the key is to make a genuine effort to celebrate their unique experiences and identity.

When it all comes together, a personalised party shows how much you care and value each resident as an individual.

That's what makes a happy birthday!

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