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"How To Conduct Therapeutic Poetry Sessions For Senior Citizens"

Chris Meredith is no stranger to Bright Copper Kettles CIC. Born in Berkshire he began his poetry career in 2014, when he published his first poetry anthology 'Words of My Life'.

In 2014 he began leading poetry sessions for senior citizens in care homes.

I took the opportunity to read through his latest work as a .pdf copy, before it went to the printers. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Chris starts by explaining what happened during his own Therapeutic Poetry Sessions, including valuable anecdotes recorded from conversations which came up during these sessions.

Included in this handbook is an easy to follow guide for mapping out your session and a selection of poems written by Chris himself, as well a few useful links for further resources. - Oh, and space on each page for Activity Coordinators to write their own notes.

Chris explains “I have seen first hand the brilliant work activity coordinators do and how they are always on the lookout for new ways to improve the mental wellbeing of their residents and members.

Poetry is a wonderful medium as it triggers a part of the brain that responds to the images the poem conveys.

Having worked with dementia and stroke sufferers, I am always amazed at the response my poetry sessions have on them. This publication helps activity coordinators to plan, manage and action a therapeutic session and includes the poems that are so beloved by the residents and members."

This is a fantastic resource for those wishing to lead Poetry Sessions in their care home environment and is bound to open the eyes of many who follow the tips given by Chris.

The book is available to purchase for £10.99 here

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