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The importance of redirection

Harry Urban was diagnosed with dementia in 2004. He is also the founder of United against Dementia and writes his journal blog posts on

I have been so busy with the spirit of Christmas the last couple of days that I forgot my problems with dementia. How is that even possible and the answer lies within redirection.

My symptoms did not go away; my thoughts were redirected in a different direction. I was led onto another path away from dementia. This distraction will not last but gives me time away from the doom and gloom of my life and enables me to recover some of the energy that dementia robs from me.

I am a hopeless case because this spirit will be with me until January. Yes, Christmas music is playing and I am singing along with it. I am closer to Heaven then anytime of the year. I am wearing my coat of love and through these turbulent times, I can see the good in people.

I love the Spirit of Christmas and wish it would engulf me year round.

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