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Summerdyne Tech Day

Summerdyne Nursing Home in Bewdley are always looking for ways to engage their residents through meaningful occupational activities.

These often have great results, increasing wellbeing and promoting sensory stimulation.

This week the focus has been on technology! The Nursing Home residents were encouraged to use a variety of tools, enabling them to be engaged and stimulated through their love for music and film.

Michael Butler, Lifestyle and Wellbeing Lead at Summerdyne, has been assisting residents to enjoy their favourite music using a selection of Wireless Headsets, YouTube, The iPad, Portable DVD Players and Personalised Playlists of their get up and dance tunes. From 1940s Wartime, Cliff Richard, Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison and Johnnie Ray to The Music of Andrew Loyd Webber and Andrea Bocelli These activities resulted in a fantastic day with many foot tapping and hand clapping memories.


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