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Team Chocolate Orange visit staff at Bridge Haven Care Home

The staff at Bridge Haven care home were pleasantly surprised to receive chocolate oranges delivered by members of 'Team Chocolate Orange' the week before Christmas.

‘Team Chocolate Orange’, founded by Chris Lamb, has been coordinating the delivery of thousands of Terry’s Chocolate Oranges every year since 2011.

Elliott, Chris Lamb's son sadly passed away just before Christmas in 2010, aged just 4 years old, after spending a great deal of time in hospital.

The following year Chris decided he wanted to do something positive to cherish Elliott’s memory and ‘Team Chocolate Orange’ was born.

Seeing the campaign as a way to turn a negative into a positive, Chris embarked on a mission to thank Health and Social care staff for all they did for Elliott, and decided to give a Chocolate Orange to as many of them as he could.

Kevin Mullins, a member of ‘Team Chocolate Orange’, contacted Kim Saint, Home Manager at Bridge Haven care home to say,

We would be honoured if we could deliver Chocolate Oranges to the staff at Bridge Haven Care Home.

It will be a much-deserved thank you to your fantastic staff who provide essential services and do an incredible job 365 days a year.

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