StoriiCare - Improving Lives Through Memories

StoriiCare is a life story platform enabling families to connect with their loved ones in care by creating, sharing and preserving memories.

StoriiCare is a worldwide platform that enables care homes to implement a personalised care system for their residents. StoriiCare promotes person-centered activities, meaningful engagement and cognitive stimulation therapy to provide the highest quality of Dementia care. The platform has an easy-to-use interface and a minimalistic design for all ages to use and it is accessible anywhere in the world from any internet enabled device. The platform is currently being utilised in a number of care homes throughout the UK with rapid expansion.

StoriiCare features a range of functions for carers to use including reminiscence sessions, family engagement and life story work. Matt Shore is a social support worker at Newark Care’s Westacres care home in Glasgow, which has been testing StoriiCare since May. He believes that “the great thing with Storii is if it’s used to its full potential, it’s possible to meet a resident for the first time and with the use of Storii learn all about them and be able to spend a few hours having a chat about their lives and experiences”. Matt also notes that “families will sometimes visit and ask residents ‘What have you been up to today?’ and they can only reply with ‘I don't know’ or ‘I can't remember’. With the aid of Storii they are able to recall their day and explain what's happening in the picture instead of just being confused and upset that they have no memory of the day”.

Matt further explains that, “previously to reminisce with a resident about their wedding day for example, the family would need to provide photographs or other mementos from that day or event which might be too difficult to come by or too precious to bring into the home. With Storii you can upload photographs from the day and photographs of objects and they will always be available for use... Since using Storii, family and friends of the residents have felt a lot more reassured and comforted by Storii as they have been able to see what the resident has been up to”.

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