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September's Book of the Month

My chosen book for September's

A guide to person-centred compassionate elder care

Dignity in action


Passionately written by Amanda Waring

From the first page Amanda inspires us to work together to transform the care of older people. She describes true person-centred care that enables people to retain their personhood and maintain their dignity.

Amanda has learned much from her personal experiences and from others that she has worked with, such as David Sheard (Dementia Care Matters), Dadi Janki (The Janki Foundation) and Rosemary Hurtley (Consultant Occupational Therapist and Author) and she passes on lots of useful and interesting information to her readers.

The HEART of CARE is also jam packed with activity ideas and is bound to become a firm favourite with Activity Coordinators and Carers

You can purchase the book through Amazon here

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You can find out more about Amanda Waring here

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