Amanda is available as a keynote speaker and trainer on dignity and her award winning films

What do you see?

Format: DVD

Virginia McKenna (Actor), Amanda Waring (Director)


This powerful short film by Amanda Waring takes a journey through a day in the life and a life in the day of stroke victim Elsie (played by Virginia Mckenna). Elsie craves compassion and understanding of the person she is inside, rather than the useless "carcass" she may appear on the outside. Elsie makes a silent but heartfelt plea for her carers to "look"


AMANDA WARING SAYS "Thank you for your interest in my award winning awareness raising film WHAT DO YOU SEE? This film has been acknowledged as one of the most valuable tools to highlight dignity and respect fort the elderly.

Training Pack - featuring 'What Do You See?'

This action-orientated and experimental learning pack, including 'What Do You See?' starring Virginia McKenna, provides inspirational training that consolidates and combines good practice with creative activity allowing you to "feel "more so that you can "see" more and ultimately "do" more for those in your care.


It uses practical and reflective creative and empathy activities, inspirational supporting films, visualizations, slide presentations, 'Vox Pops', meditations, quotations, anecdote and poetry as innovative training tools to deepen understanding in person centered practice.


The 10 Steps cover specific issues relating to the films included in the pack such as ageism, transition and loss, cultural and inter-generational differences, dementia care, meaningful living, creating positive communities and the importance of relationships.


It is aimed at nursing and care staff in hospitals and care homes, extra care settings and domiciliary settings, involving older people and their relatives. This pack will transform your staff's learning making it easier and more effective. It is interactive, immediate and enjoyable with unique exercises, inspirational films using positive messages with stars of stage and screen.


The training is powerfully engaging, enabling key messages and concepts of person centered care to be deeply and effectively communicated and provides an unforgettable experience for you and your staff to share, to enrich the lives of those in your care, and your understanding and valuing of dignity.



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Format: DVD

Virginia McKenna (Actor), Amanda Waring (Director)


'Home' is the follow up film to Amanda Waring's award winning film "What Do You See" and again features Virginia Mckenna playing the role of Elsie.


When Elsie arrives at her new home, her life will change forever. The film looks at Elsie's arrival in her new Care Home as she struggles with the transition of leaving her own home whilst experiencing the effects of mild dementia.


This powerfully poignant short film addresses the sensitive issue of transitions into care homes and how we can understand and support the emotional journey of an older person during this time.

For more information on the campaigning work Amanda carries out in relation to Dignity in Care please visit her website There you will also find details about her training programmes for carers and other workshops

The Big Adventure

Format : DVD


Amanda Waring asks in this film- "Can we change the concept of the morbidity of death and instead celebrate the transformational aspects of one's passing"

This film will look at end of life care in Britain and society's attitude to death and dying.


This short but powerfully engaging film aims through interviews, poetry, music and humour to stimulate debate and to provide a varied selection of concepts, beliefs and experiences around this seemingly taboo subject.


The Big Adventure will inspire the audience to look at the totality of one's existence, to share experiences and to appreciate the sacredness of working with the dying. We realize the value of the "birth" companion but surely the 'Death" "companion's role is just as vital.

The interaction between the carer and the person who is dying can have a profound effect on them both and this film will explore these areas too.


Many carers feel ill equipped spiritually to talk about death and there's little provision or time allowed for discussion of their experiences. All too often death is sanitized, and brushed under the carpet, we have become used to believing that we have to shield each other from the idea of death, a cultural shift is needed to realize that death is something we can help each other through rather than protect each other from.


The film will be uplifting, moving, heartfelt and compelling viewing asking the audience to explore for themselves this amazing , mysterious and spiritual journey, " The Big Adventure" that we will all one day experience.

The Heart of Care: Dignity in Action
A Guide to Person-centred Compassionate Elder Care

Available in Paperback and Kindle


Amanda Waring, (Author)


I felt like a caged animal. This damning indictment by Dame Dorothy Tutin, the acclaimed actress, of her treatment in hospital at the age of 70 propelled her daughter Amanda Waring into a crusade to ensure that all older people in care are treated with kindness, compassion and dignity.


Amanda is now a widely respected filmmaker, public speaker and teacher specialising in dignified care of the elderly. 

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