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Residents at Neale Court Care Home enjoy a camping ‘Staycation’

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Neale Court Care Home residents and carers are enjoying a month-long Staycation during July.

Residents have been given the opportunity to get involved with travel-based activities, reminiscing and international-themed days complete with special celebration menus.

Families of residents have been sending in photos of their loved one’s favourite holiday destinations in the UK or abroad to assist with the planning for this large scale, themed activity. Staff and residents have enjoyed reminiscing about their favourite holiday memories and travels to a variety of locations. Some people have never owned a passport, but others travelled the world, everyone had some wonderful stories to share. Including lots of fond memories of seaside holidays, road trips, caravanning, walking and cycling.

We want to bring a holiday feel to our care home.” explained Becky Exton, Home Manager.

Few of us will be jetting off anywhere exotic this year, so we thought we’d bring some holiday vibes to our home.”

Residents at Neale Court Care Home, which is in Lincoln, enjoyed a camping themed day. Staff bought in a tent and set it up in the dining room with camp beds, chairs and even a BBQ. Chef Gary cooked sausages over the fire in the garden and served hotdog sausages for an authentic campfire lunch.

The Staycation month has been a great talking point for the whole care home family with reminiscing proven to be beneficial, especially for residents living with dementia. Talking about people’s life experiences helps build connections between residents and staff and is a great way for people to enjoy shared experiences.

We spoke to all the residents about their holidays and discussed their favourite trips. Several people had great fun talking about camping trips and funny disasters with the weather, so we decided to hold a camping theme day.” Said Wellbeing Coordinator Becky Bourke.

Everyone loved doing something different for the day, just sitting in the camping chairs with a cup of tea and marshmallows bought back lots of memories for people”.

The initiative has sparked lots of great memories from looking at old photos together, whether with staff or during family visits to the care home. It has been a great way to get everyone involved in each person’s individual life history and get to know them better.

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