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Real Bread Week Activities

Tomorrow sees the launch of Real Bread Week - Worldwide 2017 this offers great opportunities to engage with local communities and other ways to promote activity for older people.

  • Visits to local bakeries can be enjoyed by care home residents, the familiar smell of fresh baked bread can bring back memories.

  • ​Buy fresh bread products for Afternoon Tea

  • Arrange a visit to learn about bread making or tasting

  • Regular bread orders can help to save your local bakery

  • Start a Bread Club

  • Invite neighbours, relatives, staff members and residents

  • Bake bread with a theme for regular meetings to share and compare bread products

  • Share recipes

  • Make new friends

  • Promote Community Engagement

  • Care Home residents may like to run bread making lessons

Members of Bright Copper Kettles can find other ideas for activities related to #RealBreadWeek - Let's plan May or Nutrition & Hydration

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