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Psychology Study into Caregiver Burden

Evangeline Fisher Studies Psychology at Nottingham Trent University.

Read on to find out more about a survey she conducting about caregivers.

Evangeline explains: For my final year psychology project I am investigating how care-recipient age affects caregiver burden, life regret and self-perceptions of ageing. I have received ethical approval from my university.

If you are a caregiver/have been in the past two years (either formal and/or informal), I would really appreciate it if you could complete my 10-15 minute survey! The caregiving can be for individuals of any age and any medical condition/disability.

Non-caregivers are also able to complete the research, so it would be great if you could participate even if you don’t provide care.

Please share this blog with any other caregivers that you may know. That would be really helpful!

Any help is hugely appreciated!

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