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Our Activity Coordinator doesn't do anything!

Activity Coordinators (ACs) are often scorned for the activities they plan with their care home residents.

When I speak to other members of staff, I'm told of the extreme behaviour one might expect of an Activity Coordinator, such as; "They [the AC] don't actually do anything with the residents, they just sit around and drink tea, and eat biscuits."

The best Activity Coordinators will always set aside time during the day to enjoy a cup of tea with a resident who may prefer to be quiet but appreciates a bit of company.

During this activity the resident may be encouraged to 'people watch', take in the changing seasons though the window, exchange stories and look through magazines or share photographs of activities that other residents have recently been involved with.

This activity enables the Activity Coordinator to discover more about the person and how they might be engaged in future activities, as well as helping the resident to feel part of the Care Home Family.

That feeling of belonging is such an important aspect of wellbeing.

So next time you feel like criticising your Activity Coordinator consider how you might be able to add to these important moments.

And if you are an Activity Coordinator who feels awkward 'just sitting there with your cuppa' remind yourself of why you are there and what you are achieving with the person you are sharing that cuppa with.

Make a record of your activity, and your findings, and demonstrate just how important each cup of tea shared is to your residents.


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