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One step back to take two steps forward.

Actually, I'm feeling slightly sorry for myself as I write this. As you know I have spent months building the website, adding new pages every week, and now I am having to remove pages.

What? Yes, I am really removing some of the pages.

Why? Because I need to scale back to just 100 pages in order to take the next step forward.

The website needs to be updated to enable more scope on the way things are set out. I want the pages I add to be easier for you to find, the menus you use to be clearer, the ideas and inspiration to pop up so that you feel as excited about your work as I do.

So many Activity Coordinators have left their jobs this year because they have felt un-supported. I want the Bright Copper Kettles website to capture the imagination of Care Home Managers, to include articles that equip you to approach your managers confidently, waking them up to the importance of you and your work.

So here I am undoing so much of my work, viewing it as an opportunity to make improvements when the update is completed and I can add the pages back in again.

It is waking me up to the number of pages that were difficult to find, unfinished and simply not inspiring enough - so look out 2017, I'm coming right back atchya!

Activity Coordinators are going to be stronger than ever in their fight for decent wages, appropriate training, the correct equipment and time alloted for the work they do.

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