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Memory Cafe Fun

Well, had two weeks off from the memory cafe, but today, it was so good to get back in the saddle as we say !! And what an afternoon it was !!! yet another FULL HOUSE, nine letter word, table quiz, then we asked all to tell us about their favorite poems, recipes, Jokes and and POEMS, WOW!! the poems were a huge hit!!

" To stand there and listen to people who have terrible memory problems, reciting poems from way back when, word for word is not only magical, but truly Humbling "

And when the poem " IF " by Rudyard Kipling was read out, there wasn't a dry eye in the house !! This isn't something we have done before, but we will AGAIN !!! Such a huge success !!

Then, we finished off by some INCREDIBLE singing by Terri 'Tezza' Jackson, Jarrad Pearce and his sister Laura, the afternoon was a huge success as you can tell and the songs they all sang were beautiful.

Me ?? Still drying my eyes and feeling very lucky we have such wonderful friends, and volunteers around us , have a great evening all, Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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