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Memories of childhood summers


I was talking during my musical activity the other day, off the cuff as usual. I was outside and as I normally use an electronic screen for my music it is not any use in the sun so I swapped it for the good old fashioned sheet music. There is always a bit of a breeze outside and so out came the good old pegs to peg down the corners. This lead me into the conversation that you can't draw faces and dress up the plastic pegs like you could on the old wooden dolly pegs. I asked how many of them used to make things out of pegs and I was not at all surprised to see several hand go up.

When I came home I looked up images of dolly pegs on the internet and wow what a lot of things you can make out of them. I also used to make things a bit like corn dollies out of white straws that you could buy as a kit with instruction to make allsorts of things from dollies to swans. (But I didn't do them very well).

These all remind me of the days when I was younger with fields behind our house and in the summer holidays we used to go out and play on the bails of straw/hay that the farmer had left in nice neat piles. I bet he hated us as we would drag them round to make cars and lorries to play on. Mum used to pack us of with a pack of sandwiches each and an apple and we would play for hours in the fields. She could see us from the house and would call us every now and then to supply us with home made lemonade.

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