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Managers Activity of the Week

There has been a new lease of life given to Manor Lodge Care Home. The home, based in Harrow, recently as they launched a new weekly event for all residents and staff to engage with…. ‘Managers Activity of the Week’.

Registered Care Home Manager, Louise, wanted to spend more time outside of her office and with her residents and initiated her new idea that meant each week she would be able to engage with them during a fun activity.

‘I have a lot of responsibilities as the Manager of Manor Lodge, but my favourite part of the job is the time I get to spend with my residents.’ Louise explained ‘I believe it’s important for each of my residents to know me well. I want them to know I am approachable, and I am always happy to listen to them with anything they wish to discuss’.

Some of the activities that have taken place so far include Flower Arranging, Resident’s Meetings, Designing Halloween Decorations, Remembrance Celebrations and Baking.

‘During these activities, it has been fulfilling to get to know each of my residents on a more personal level. By engaging with them one on one on a weekly basis, I gain an insight into each of their lives through their beliefs, opinions, and memories. This helps to build a strong and positive professional relationship with each resident.’ added Louise.

Louise also encourages all staff on duty to come and participate in the Managers Activity of the Week. This encourages a positive atmosphere for both staff and residents and creates a community within Manor Lodge where communication is developed through not only words but a sense of understanding.

Looking forward, Louise has worked with the Activities Coordinator, Hannah Tongue, to plan some exciting and varied inclusive activities which all residents can participate in.

Some of these include pottery, a Christmas Ball, Making Music and a Christmas Card exchange with a local primary school.

Keep up to date with all our activities and events, follow Manor Lodge Care home on Instagram: @manor_lodge.


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