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Jigsaw Memories

James Knowles, Bright Copper Kettles CIC blog
James Knowles, Jigsaw Memories

James Knowles is another entrepreneur in the care industry who was inspired by his own personal experiences.

In 2012 his mother, Joan, was diagnosed with vascular dementia.

Despite her memory skills declining, James noticed that his mother would enjoyed doing jigsaws from the collection they had accumulated over the years.

Joan has continued to lose more of her independence, but the simple activity of doing a puzzle has become an increasingly larger part of her daily life.

James imagined that a custom jigsaw puzzle made from images of her past might add a wonderful dimension to her puzzling experience and decided to try it.

The custom jigsaw puzzle enabled family members and visitors, to work and talk with her, using puzzling as a focused activity and a trigger for conversations.

The success of this form of reminiscence with his mother inspired James to bring the possibility to others by creating "Jigsaw Memories".

James encourages people to select an image which the recipient would recognise and enjoy, by themselves and with others.

Photographs of themselves, family or friends are particularly useful for this activity.


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