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Today we are celebrating #InternationalFlowerDay.

Cheap bunches of flowers were bought and green foliage was gathered and brought in from the garden. Together we arranged displays of flowers in vases for the windowsills.

I also purchased some small milk jugs and these were filled with daffodils to place on the dining tables ready for mealtimes.

These smaller arrangements were a great way to engage individuals looking for something to occupy them, for just a few moments.

The simplicity of daffodils meant that the task was achievable, although we did have a few flowers going in bud first.

If you are thinking of using daffodils during the spring, I recommend buying a day earlier and placing half of them in water so that they start to flower. This will give you some that are easier to see, but you will also have some that residents can enjoying watching as they bloom.

I’m really looking forward to planting bulbs for cooler corridors and outside pots ready for the spring.

We have lots of ideas and inspiration for Spring based activities on our Members' only pages.

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