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Dementia UK ‘I live with dementia’ campaign launched

The ‘I live with dementia’ campaign has been launched in a typically busy month for the charity, helping to support those impacted by dementia

A diagnosis of dementia doesn’t just impact the person with the diagnosis – everyone around them, from family members to friends, is affected in some way.

Data from Dementia UK’s Helpline in 2022 revealed that almost 38% of calls, emails and other contacts were from individuals seeking advice on accessing support for dementia.

A further 36% of contacts were from people seeking advice on understanding dementia or getting a diagnosis for the condition.

Dementia UK, a specialist dementia nursing charity, has launched the ‘I live with dementia’ campaign to support people affected by dementia in one of the charity’s busiest months of the year.

Dementia UK’s Helpline is staffed by dementia specialist Admiral Nurses. They reported a 17 per cent spike in calls, emails and appointments between December 2021 and January 2022 as families reached out for advice and support following the Christmas period.

With data also showing that January was the Helpline’s second busiest month of 2021, Dementia UK is calling on the public to download its free ‘Living with dementia’ guide which contains vital practical and emotional advice, life hacks, information and top tips.

This helpful download includes shared expertise from the charity’s specialist dementia nurses, people living with dementia and their families and friends on a number of topics including diagnosis, coping with behavioural change, family dynamics and finding care options.

37-year-old Liz who lives in Brighton, is supporting the campaign as her grandad Sam, who is 100-years-old and lives in a care home, has Alzheimer’s disease.

When Sam was living at home, he would become distressed around dusk. Sam was experiencing sundowning – a term used for changes in behaviour that occur in the evening and can lead to agitation or anxiety over time. Liz didn’t know what was happening or how to help until she heard about Dementia UK’s Helpline.

Liz said: “When I heard about the Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline, it was like a beacon of hope. Living with dementia is a terribly lonely and isolating experience. Before I phoned Dementia UK’s Helpline, our family had been totally lost and unable to understand how best to help my grandad. Within minutes of speaking to an Admiral Nurse, I felt a wave of relief come over me – it was great to speak to someone with the knowledge and experience to help us.

“I would urge people to download the ‘Living with dementia’ guide and use the great tips within it. It can be scary taking that first step but this expert advice can help you provide the best possible care for a loved one and help them live well with dementia.”

‘I live with dementia’ campaign and guide, featuring dedicated sections on:

  • All about diagnosis- getting a diagnosis and post diagnostic support

  • Living well with dementia - how to create a dementia-friendly home for your loved one, plus day-to-day tips

  • Your wellbeing - psychological and emotional aspects of caring for someone with dementia

  • Managing behaviour changes - coping with the behaviours a loved one may experience during dementia

  • Dementia and your family - family dynamics caring for the person with dementia

  • Legal and financial issues - financial and legal support available for carers

  • Going into hospital - concerns carers may have when someone with dementia goes into hospital

  • Understanding your care options - care options available and how to work out what’s best for your family

Dr Hilda Hayo, Chief Admiral Nurse and CEO at Dementia UK, said:

“If you love someone living with dementia, you’re living with it too, and we understand the challenges that individuals and families face every day. We’re launching this campaign as we know people often reach out to the dementia specialist nurses on our Helpline and clinics after Christmas. In January 2022, we saw a 17 per cent increase in contacts on the previous month.

“We want to let families living with dementia know that they are not alone. The ‘Living with dementia’ guide contains practical and emotional support, and is an extension of the fantastic work carried out by Admiral Nurses on our Helpline, clinics and online resources.”

Download the ‘Living with dementia’ guide at


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