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How a stair lift can help an individual

Stair lifts can change peoples lives! From increasing a person's mobility to being a solution to moving house. In this post we talk about how a stair lift can help an individual with poor mobility.


A stair lift is a sit on chair which is designed to climb stairs. The chair lift is attached to a rail which is climbs the stairs with tracks. They are made to take the stress out of walking up stairs.


By having a stair lift people can often do more. As they aren't using all their energy climbing flights of stairs they have the opportunity to explore more and do day to day task with less pain.

Easy to install

The stair lift company will install your lift and should take less than a day to install.


Stair lifts are often the solution to not move house into a bungalow. This is often very expensive and stressful for the individuals taking part. Also once installed they are very cheap to run. You can have the option to rent, get a grant and purchase, this making it easy for everyone who needs one to have one.

Boosts Confidence and Independence

It can often be demoralizing when people can't climb stairs probably but a stair lift often boosts confidence and give the user more independence.

Here are some useful posts on stairlifts if you are ever considering getting one:

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